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    The reason I like “green crap” is simple. We live on a green planet which we are in danger of trashing.

    I want to be proud of the World we hand on to our children and grandchildren like other Lib Dems. For me it must be a living vibrant World with wild nature still a living part of it. I would not be happy to think of our one species taking over the whole planet just to support itself. It would be an intensely dull place primarily. I see edging out other species pretty much on a par with murder in our own. Of all species, I trust humans and especially many of the large commercial organisations the LEAST in terms of managing the environment given our more recent track record.

    We can and must learn from the natural world itself how it works to manage its environments in harmony with all creatures and plants within each one. We are nothing without our amazingly rich surroundings of Flora and Fauna and cannot afford to continue to attack them on the current scale. We are also capable now of limiting our own populations and if we do not reduce them overall (voluntarily) we will finish with wiping ourselves out anyway by accelerating climate change and generally devastating the wild world, by continuing to oust the very organisms which can save us.

    We must let the wild world continue to care for itself and teach us how we can care for our parts of it without losing equilibrium. We have to “rein-back” climate change.

    On the smallest scale, each person in developed nations as elsewhere can make the best use of any outdoor area they have and encourage wildlife there. Even just a windowsill can be used to grow things. We have to “think green” so we can help preserve the countryside and town environments around us, guide policies and Laws in the right direction in every way possible and press bigger organisations to follow that lead!

    A healthy planet will be a place that rewards us with economic success as it used to in the past.

    I think that international green co-operation, which is vital, will only come about with constant continued vocal support from EVERYONE who cares. Institutions as such are soulless and WE/ their employees HAVE to continually guide them in the right directions. This is also why it is hard for political parties to convey SUCH emotionally charged policies as their green credentials accurately because they are institutions themselves and thus why their politicians have to convince us personally and be answerable to their electorates ( Thank you so much Mr Clegg for your lead here! ) This is because critics can always claim that the “institution” of whichever party “has no green policies”. These policies are moral, human matters (rather more than many other political issues) which have to be translated and very often rapidly re-translated “on-the-fly” into the “right” policies in such things as energy and best farming practice planning as there is such a vast amount of new and ongoing environmental research worldwide. The challenge must be for larger organisations, which can be inherently slow to adapt, to keep up with the rate of change and help save us and our wonderful blue-green planet!

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    David Cameron is reported to have recently said we should “get rid of all the green crap”.

    Well Liberal Democrats like “green crap”. In fact, we like it so much we are creating 200,000 new green jobs.


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Speech Therapist by profession but now Mum to my two boys. I still enjoy Modern Jive dancing.

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