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    If a creature has the power to protect its habitat, that is about the wisest and most powerful thing it can do for its future wellbeing and security; therefore protecting our environment – globally and locally – should be our top priority.

    With ref to some earlier comments from ‘the opposition’ on this webpage, in my view: windfarms look beautiful on the landscape and are a wonderful use of technology to harness natural energy. Why is it that the noisy protesters against windfarms seem to be exactly the same people who are unlikely to protest about: noisy and polluting cars on country lanes, nuclear power stations, fracking, multinational mining companies degrading environments and bullying indigenous people’s off their lands , insidious oil industry funding of climate change-denying and oil tanker pollution of our seas……..given all the things that are going on in our world that are deadly, dangerous, evil, brutal, injust, destructive of bio-diversity and polluting, why, oh, why, do some people have to vent all their (probably right-wing media-induced) ‘fury’ on wind farms? Watch the floodwaters rise around you and think about it….

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    David Cameron is reported to have recently said we should “get rid of all the green crap”.

    Well Liberal Democrats like “green crap”. In fact, we like it so much we are creating 200,000 new green jobs.


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