Do you like "green crap"?

David Cameron is reported to have recently said we should “get rid of all the green crap”.

Well Liberal Democrats like “green crap”. In fact, we like it so much we are creating 200,000 new green jobs.


Do you like green crap? Tell us why...

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  • signed 2013-12-20 15:32:07 +0000
    What Cameron described as ‘green crap’ is an investment in a sustainable future, providing jobs and a more secure energy system. Base politics winning over principle again…but people will surely see through this. (Lynton Crosby should go and spread his bile elsewhere)
  • signed 2013-12-20 15:17:23 +0000
    To try and stop the universe being ruined by greed.

    We must be sustainable.

    Its the only preserve life, its nearly too late.

  • signed 2013-12-20 15:14:25 +0000
    I love green crap because aside from nuclear power which is risky and creates a legacy of radioactive waste, and until nuclear fusion comes along in maybe 30 years time, renewables are our only option for energy generation without cooking the planet by ever increasing levels of greenhouse gases. The UK should be leading the way with massive investment in offshore wind turbines. Onshore turbines may be cheaper, but it is windier offshore and onshore turbines blight the countryside so should only be supported in industrial areas / business parks / motorways where the environment is already urbanised. Solar panels should be promoted on office buildings / industrial units as well as houses, though again not where they will blight the built environment (e.g. in villages / conservation areas).

    Green crap is our best hope of safely ‘bridging the gap’ in satisfying our energy needs until nuclear fusion becomes possible in several decades time.
  • signed 2013-12-20 15:00:57 +0000
    “Crap” is fertiliser, which keeps the world productive. Without green crap human life on this planet will cease
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  • signed via 2013-12-20 14:52:19 +0000
    I believe that big multinational companies are building and operating wind farms all over our country for the benefit of mankind, not because of the huge profits they make out of ordinary people via their electricity bills. I also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus so I’m well qualified to be a Lib Dem supporter.
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:51:49 +0000
    I admit l love wildlife for its aesthetic, because it gives me solace and because its so beguiling.

    But its ok to be selfish; insects pollinate the plants which feed us, trees clean the air, prevent flooding, slow erosion, saltmarsh slows wave damage preventing flooding and erosion, coral reefs and seaweed forests do the same and feed us……
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:47:32 +0000
    The environment is, in fact, our world, planet Earth. We owe it to the future generations to safeguard it in the best possible health. It is their right to expect it. It is our duty to do it.
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:45:41 +0000
    Dear Ed,

    I truly believe in all this green crap. My wife and I have been recycling stuff for the last 35 years. We try to be energy efficient. We buy local organic food whenever possible. We dont have excessive holidays flying all over the world. We dont believe in nuclear dirt. We support sustainable sources of energy like wind farms, alternatives such as wave power, solar energy.

    That is why I will be voting for the Green Party from now on. At the last election I voted for Norman Baker for the third time. He was re-elected. But he lied about so many things. His party broke so many promises that I will never vote for them again.

    Sorry, but the truth hurts.

    Yours sincerely,

    Brendan Carroll
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:34:40 +0000
    Green is chlorophyl…is the stuff of life…is what propagates and sustains life…….crap is the brown waste useful to feed the earth…. So unless humanity wants to be relegated to the fossils of history …. Green ….anything, even ‘waste’ is vital for perpetuation of living…. Otherwise they might just as well ban procreation and blow up the planet now!!!! IT IS THE ECO L O G Y …stupid!!!! And CIRCULATION…..Nick Clegg! I remember that word in your election campaign speeches! Why haven’t we heard it since???
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:09:50 +0000
    Protecting the environment is not about creating jobs, although that’s a welcome spin off. Protecting the environment is about trying to ensure our survival. We are in a position to damage the planet to such a degree that it will not be able to support us, and most other animals too. In fact we are quite close to doing so already. Environmental protection is about far, far more than modern humans and their economy, it’s about the survival of the species.
  • signed 2013-12-20 14:01:25 +0000
    Green “crap” is not “crap” at all. The language just reveals the Tories’ disregard for the environment. I don’t know why we are not having the debate to, instead of committing to spend £100 billion on replacing Trident, use that sort of money to green the economy/country.
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:56:21 +0000
    It protects the environment, it creates plenty of qualified local jobs, it is substainable, it prevents health problems due to pollution, …, …, .
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:55:14 +0000
    It’s time to resurrect the economic argument for ensuring that we protect and grow our green credentials. Agenda 21 seems such a long time ago but for those of us who remember it will it turned the tide and focused on local solutions. The we had Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth. Having spoken to someone who comes from Greenland just a few weeks ago he explained to me in stark detail of the melting ice caps which is happening daily. This is a real threat not made up for political gain. Lets get on with protecting a nourishing our environment and provide green jobs too. Well done Ed Davey PLEASE PLEASE keep this on the agenda.

    Jackie Charlton

    Brecon & Radnor
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:52:37 +0000
    I’l listen to you once you agree that the eu is fraudulent, a waste of money and anti-democratic. Until then you can continue sending me emails so that I can check on your progress towards the creation of a free and democratic UK society.
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:41:25 +0000
    The idea that a few very rich people can destroy our planet just by being greedy revolts me! Do they not realise that their children, grandchildren and the rest of the human race needs to preserve this planet and not simply trash it to feed a tiny minority’s rapacious appetite for “stuff”. We also need someone to save us all from Fracking. Have you seen Gasland?
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:33:50 +0000
    One compelling reason for liking “green crap” is that it is not “black crap”, the carbon based economy that has been destroying the planet for the last 2oo years. It can be said that the early industrialists were unaware of the damage they were causing globally as opposed to locally. Think belching chimneys, dead rivers, coal tips and so on. Unfortunately some developing nations are continuing the destruction knowingly, and have added new horrors such as palm oil plantations.

    If the planet doesn’t die first, then the polluters will eventually commit industrial suicide because gas and oil are finite. Self-interest demands a green economy.

    But much more importantly, going green, if implemented on a large enough scale and in time, means mother earth’s scars can be healed and future generations will be able to enjoy hosts of golden daffodils. (Wow! Is that being spiritual?)

    Alan Whittaker
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:28:24 +0000
    Sorry but in my opinion thats just what it is CRAP…Who’s going to pay for your so called 200000 jobs we can’t afford to wait for 50years to make it pay for it’s self.

    Spend your time trying to get China and America to cut their emissions oh and let’s not forget USSR.
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:28:17 +0000
    We live in the environment, conservatives tend to live in their own inflated ego. Without the environment intact we all will die. The more we destroy the environment the more the human race will suffer.
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:24:24 +0000
    Adopting a greener lifestyle will ensure we can all afford our energy bills as well as lowering pollution for our children. It will also lead to cheaper energy not reliant on other countries which we can use to kick start our manufacturing sector.

    Its just a shame that my local Lib Dem would-be councillor campaigned against wind farms recently. A stance which lost him the seat. Please be consistent in supporting green technologies and be a true green leader.
  • signed 2013-12-20 13:13:14 +0000
    We are part of the “environment” not separate from it! We harm our environment at our own short/medium and long term peril. To paraphrase the old First Nation American saying –

    Only after the last tree has been cut down, the last river poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we find that we can’t eat money."

    It has always amazed me that humans can be so short sighted as to the effects they have on the very planet our own survival depends.

    I do not mean hold the countryside as a museum / held in time – but we must think longterm, which is not the 4year electoral cycle – I mean 50 years plus, at least.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:52:26 +0000
    This is the only planet we have – we need to do what we can to keep it safe, green with blue clean water. Every little helps. I’ve just added interior insulation to a very cold and draughty bit of my house.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:44:57 +0000
    I’m a Member of The Royal Town Planning Institute – one of 20,000 – & have spent my professional life seeking to conserve & enhance our urban & rural environments,

    since studying at Oxford Brookes University.

    Now retired I have a strong interest in green energy – & at home am on a “green tarrif” with my energy supplier, as is my local church which I got floodlit with a Lottery Grant.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:42:56 +0000
    It’s vital for the sustainability of our fragile planet.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:32:16 +0000
    I believe strongly that the scientific evidence for climate change being man made to a large extent is undeniable. We all therefore have a responsibility to do everything we can to reduce co2 emissions and one key way is to reduce our energy consumption and to green the source of the energy we do use. Energy efficient homes and other buildings and renewables are two key elements in any strategy to achieve this. We should to use government money to create more pollution- initiatives like fracking will create more co2 emissions and pollute the country we live in. It is destructive and will not reduce energy costs.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:23:15 +0000
    Get green levies back to support new green energy industry. Stop any hydraulic fracking in the UK. We have to leave carbon in the ground. Introduce a better home insulation scheme.
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:19:15 +0000
    I think green crap is probably a very good environmentally friendly bio-fuel. The jobs aren’t the issue here but having a planet that will support any jobs is. What’s being done to protect the forest’s from development and agriculture in this country and abroad. Why is this issue always about money. You cannot help but feel that this planet is ever so slowly dying and we are choking it in the name of economic growth…. We need energy. We need clean energy. The only answer I can see is nuclear. I don’t want hills and seas festooned with wind turbines, which to my mind are there more as a sop to environmentalist to say " Look what we are doing…." Just PR. Great when the wind is blowing….but not to hard.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-12-20 12:08:15 +0000
    Do you like "green crap"? Tell us why! #whyIamGreen
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:05:38 +0000
    England is still a’Green and Pleasant Land’ and I want it to stay that way for my children and my children’s children! We must resist pressure from others to put the economy before the environment. Without a healthy environment in the future there will be no economy!!!
  • signed 2013-12-20 12:05:24 +0000
    While neoliberals like Nigel Lawson advocate unrestrained burning of fossil fuels and frequently deny climate change is happening without providing a shred of credible evidence for their preposterous theories, most of us would prefer our children and grandchildren to have the chance to experience the wonderful and varied world we (and neoliberals) have enjoyed.

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